Sika BentoShield® MAX LM

Sika BentoShield® MAX LM is a self healing waterproofing membrane that’s resistant to contaminated soils, forming an automatic mechanical bond to freshly poured concrete it virtually eliminates the possibility of water movement between the membrane & structure. Approximately 6.5 mm thick, consisting of two polypropylene geotextiles, a woven fabric and non-woven fabric, enclosing prehydrated homogeneous layer of granular sodium bentonite at a minimum weight of 5000g/m². The two geotextiles are interlocked by a needle-punching process forcing fibres from the non-woven layer through and beyond the woven layer. This process contains and confines the polymer modified bentonite granules and forms a physical link between the geotextiles. A flexible polyethylene layer is integrally bonded to the non-woven geotextile.

Sika BentoShield® MAX Granules

Sika BentoShield® MAX Granules are polymer modified natural sodium bentonite granules, these granules when wetted form a dense waterproof paste.

Sika BentoShield® Paste

Sika BentoShield® Paste is a single component mastic consisting of polymer modified natural sodium bentonite and further polymer additives. Trowel applied and thixotropic in nature.

Trak-It® C5 Gas Fixing Tool

The Trak-It® C5 gas fastening system was developed for use in light-duty static applications, including attaching drywall track to concrete, block or steel, lath to concrete or block, furring strips to concrete or block, and plywood to concrete or block base materials. The system is designed for speed, efficiency and consistency. Operation of a gas fastening system does not require licensing.

Sika BentoShield® SS50 Bond Tape

Sika BentoShield® SS50 bonding tape is a single-sided adhesive tape, consists of a butyl rubber adhesive that is covered with a release liner.

Sika BentoShield® Termination Strip

Sika BentoShield® Termination Strip is a galvanised steel bonding strip with 5mm holes at 15mm centres in a solid plastic holder.