Sikalastic® 827 HT

Sikalastic®-827 HT is a modified, expanding, hot-melt adhesive used as part of the bridge deck waterproofing system underneath mastic asphalt, stone mastic asphlat and asphalt concrete.

Sikalastic® -800 HA

Sikalastic®-800 HA is a two component, solvent free, highly elastic, low odour polyurea based waterproofing membrane.Due to its self-levelling properties Sikalastic®-800 HA is ideal for applications on protected podium decks and will provide a jointless surface, fully bonded, with crack bridging abilities and resistance to ponding water.

Sikalastic® – Liquid Applied Membrane System

Sikalastic®-1K is a one component, flexible, fibre-reinforced mortar, based on cement modified with special alkali-resistant polymers. It also contains fine fillers, selected graded aggregates, plus special waterproofing additives to produce a flexible mortar that is ideal for waterproofing surfaces subject to flexural strain. Sikalastic® -1K is suitable for application by brush or trowel.

Sikalastic® 851

Sikalastic®-851 is a two part, elastic, crack-bridging, rapid-curing polyurethane membrane. Sikalastic®-851 is for machine application only.

Sikalastic® 810

Sikalastic®-810 is a two part adhesion promoting primer based on polyurethane resin for several Sikalastic®-systems.

Sikalastic® 8800

Sikalastic®-8800 is a two part, elastic, 100% solids, very fast curing pure polyurea liquid applied membrane with good chemical resistance. Sikalastic®-8800 shall not be used in closed structures containing biogenic sulphuric acid Sikalastic®-8800 can only be spray applied with special two part hot spray equipment.