SikaSwell® portfolio update means increased efficiency

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Chris Mossman Monk

 Longstanding, revered Sika product, SikaSwell®, has received an update to its packaging to ensure there is less waste on site for the customer and a new formula for its S-2 product, meaning easier installation whilst removing unwanted chemicals in line with EHS.

What’s changing?

2022 sees the product’s packaging minimise, moving from its previous iteration of rolls in individual boxes to vacuum packed units in display box packaging, following the waste hierarchy by removing any excess.

SikaSwell® swellable profiles and sealants are an internationally tested and proven range of hydrophilic joint sealing systems which are designed for use in below ground concrete structures including; basements, lift pits, retaining walls and swimming pools.

SikaSwell® A profiles are easily bonded to joints and penetrations in concrete with SikaSwell® S-2 adhesive. SikaSwell® S-2 formulations have been updated this year to remove specific chemicals, ensuring products comply with current EHS requirements.

Why the change?

SikaSwell® is one of our best-selling products and with an update to the portfolio, we can ensure we’re looking to the future and providing the best solution for our customers for years to come.

Customers can not only rely on the new product formula but also the Sika customer experience, with technical personnel available to chat through the product range and answer questions.

The new SikaSwell® formula has been designed to remove isocyanates and product packaging has now been reduced. SikaSwell® A profiles are now vacuum packed in a branded seal and come in boxes of six as opposed to it previously being sold as individual rolls.

The new packaging will display updated Sika branding and alongside the new formula we’re pleased to make this positive move.

 sikaswell a box

Sika’s sustainability strategy

As a global operation, it’s important that we take steps such as this one to honour our responsibilities to sustainability.

Our ‘More value – less impact’ sustainability strategy has the aim of enhancing utility and reducing impacts.

To achieve this, we pursue six strategic target areas:

  • Sustainable solutions
  • Climate performance
  • Community engagement
  • Energy
  • Waste/water
  • Occupational safety

Through our products, systems and solutions, we strive to create long-term benefits and added value for our stakeholders and significantly reduce resource consumption and the impacts associated with production processes.

For more information on Sika’s Sustainability strategy, please see the below link:

To find out more about the SikaSwell® portfolio update, call Sika waterproofing on 0800 292 2572 or email


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