Sikalastic® 8800: the power behind high concrete protection and waterproofing

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A liquid-applied material for Type A (barrier) construction, Sikalastic® 8800 is a rapid-curing polyurea membrane that provides very high concrete protection.

Sikalastic® 8800 is a BBA-Certificated product suitable for below-ground waterproofing and podium decks. It is a spray-applied liquid waterproofing system developed by Sika. Based on polyurea chemistry, Sikalastic® 8800 is engineered specifically for commercial and residential structural roofs and decks. Its fast curing system creates a durable, fully bonded and seamless waterproofing membrane that is easier and more efficient to apply than conventional methods.

Why use Sikalastic® 8800?

Sikalastic® 8800 boasts coating, lining and joint-sealant technology and is a highly elastic, flexible and hard-wearing polymeric system that is commonly applied over concrete to deliver corrosion protection and abrasion resistance, as well as leading waterproofing technology.

Providing waterproofing to areas where concrete alone is a high risk, especially when it is susceptible to flexural cracks and hard to repair or access areas, Sikalastic® 8800 has very high concrete protection. It also provides resistance against seepage/percolating water.

Where to apply Sikalastic® 8800

Whilst its key capabilities are utilised on podium decks and below-ground waterproofing, Sikalastic® 8800 can also be applied on concrete and steel to provide:

  • Abrasion-resistant protective coating in industrial and manufacturing facilities
  • Waterproofing for:
    • Cut and cover structures
    • Walkways and balconies
    • Water retaining structures in power plants
    • Secondary containment structures
    • Tank, bund and pit lining in sewage and waste water treatment plants
    • Truck bed lining
    • Steel ridges

Sikalastic® 8800 performance characteristics

Sikalastic® 8800 is high performing, durable and an ideal choice for detailing solutions, it provides:

  • Crack-bridging
  • Water vapour tightness
  • Chemical resistance
  • Gas barrier
  • Durability

Thanks to its rapid curing properties, Sikalastic® 8800 has a return to service (one hour full cure and foot traffic), making it perfect for when time is of the essence.

To find out more about Sikalastic® 8800 or other Sika waterproofing products, call 0800 292 2572 or email:

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