Sikalastic®-800HA: building elasticity into concrete protection

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Stephen Armfield

Stephen Armfield

Sikalastic®-800HA is a two component, polyurea-based waterproofing membrane which is solvent free, highly elastic and virtually odourless.

Used on protected podium decks, the product is self-levelling and it doesn’t require reinforcement.

Why use Sikalastic®-800HA?

Sikalastic®-800HA is a liquid-applied membrane which cures to provide completely seamless waterproof protection, delivering a jointless, low odour, waterproofing system.

To be used only by trained professionals, many select the product because of its flexibility and installation speed.

Its liquid application means Sikalastic®-800HA can be easily applied to all complex detail areas and because it is completely cold applied, there’s no requirement for any specialist equipment, heat or naked flames. Additionally, Sikalastic®-800HA is virtually odourless, meaning it can be used in more sensitive areas, such as residential properties.

An economic liquid applied membrane (LAM) waterproofing solution, it is suitable to smaller areas of application (up to 150 m²) and where access to spray equipment is not possible. These areas can be coated more economically with no need for application machinery.

For larger areas we recommend Sikalastic®-8800, our rapid-curing, sprayed polyurea membrane which provides very high waterproofing protection of concrete and quick application.

Sikalastic-800 HA

Where to apply Sikalastic®-800HA?

Due to its self-levelling properties, Sikalastic®-800 HA is ideal for installation on protected podium decks on concrete and steel substrates. But with the additional of a thickener (Sika Extender-T) it can also be used on vertical areas, such as upstands, plinths and parapets.

Once applied, the product provides:

  • A jointless surface, fully bonded, with crack-bridging abilities
  • Resistance to ponding water

Sikalastic®-800 HA can be hand applied by notched rubber or metal squeegees to obtain the desired thickness in one coat, and depending on the project, the flexibility and speed of application means Sikalastic®-800HA can be applied swiftly with minimal disruption, allowing other trades to continue working to schedule.

Hospitals, schools, care homes and other public places are ideal settings to use this waterproofing membrane, as well as residential properties.

Characteristics/advantages of Sikalastic®-800HA?

  • Cold applied, self-levelling behaviour
  • Desired thickness in one-layer application
  • Low odour product during and after the application
  • High flexibility
  • Can be covered with an aliphatic topcoat for exposed applications
  • Good adhesion to most substrates
  • Use with Sika low odour concrete primer: Sikalastic Primer-01

Spike rollering sikalastic 800HA

Sikalastic®-800HA is scheduled to become BBA-Certificated in 2021. To find out more about it or other Sika waterproofing products, call 0800 292 2572 or

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