The long-established benefits of SikaProof®-A and SikaProof®-P can now go even further with the addition of our loose-laid damp-proofing membrane and gas barrier system – expertly designed for ground-level protection against the ingress of damp and naturally-occurring gases.

Sikaplan®-1650 DPM Gas Barrier can be used in conjunction with SikaProof®-A and SikaProof®-P to continue the gas protection at ground level.

Sikaplan®-1650 DPM Gas Barrier is a multi-layer, low-density polyethylene membrane, strengthened by a polypropylene reinforcing grid with an integral aluminium foil.

This damp-proofing membrane and gas barrier is used at ground level to protect the building against moisture, radon, methane and carbon dioxide from the ground.

Standards and approvals

The Sikaplan®-1650 DPM Gas Barrier is extensively tested to withstand the most aggressive of environments, and is approved to the following standards:

  • BS 8485:2015 + A1:2019 – Code of practice for the design of protective measures for methane and carbon dioxide ground gases for new buildings.
  • BR211 (2015) – Radon: Protective measures for new buildings.
  • Declaration of Performance (DoP)to EN 13967:2012.
  • BBA certificate number 20/5738.

Product installation

We recommend that the Sikaplan®-1650 DPM Gas Barrier is heat-welded by a qualified installer, but taping joints can be used if required. Sikaplan®-1650 DPM Gas Barrier should be overlapped by at least 100mm and always installed in accordance with BS 8485:2015 + A1:2019. Additional influences on the system should also be considered, such as hydrostatic conditions and suitable protection of the membrane itself.

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Additional protection

If your project requires additional protection from hydrocarbons and VOCs as well as ground gases we recommend the Sikaplan VOC Membrane range.

Available system components and accessories

  • Sikaplan®-1650 DPM Detailing Strip – A 300mm wide bituminous gas-proof and damp-proof sheet, composed of self-adhesive SBS polymer modified bitumen and an upper surface finish of aluminium foil, and release film. Used for gas-proofing and damp-proofing of ground structures where harmful ground gases are anticipated.
  • SikaProof® FixTape-50 – A double sided 50mm wide butyl strip for sealing lapped joints.
  • Sika® Drain 850 Geo – A 2.44m wide heavy-duty drainage and protection sheet to safeguard the membrane and provide a drainage pathway to a maintainable land drain, alleviating pore water pressure on the structure.