Sika® Cavity Drainage System creates a water management system to control water after it has penetrated the structure. Utilising a high density polyethylene internal drainage membrane, the system is installed, loose laid in flooring applications and attached to the wall with surface plugs in vertical installations.

The system directs penetrating water into a drainage system and a collection sump before using a pump to discharge water from the building. A cavity drain provides protection from the ingress of water. Suitable for above and below ground usage.

The membranes are fixed to the walls using special plugs with minimum surface preparation required to the substrate. Once the membrane has been fitted, wall surfaces can be dry lined or plastered and the floors can be screeded.

Typical applications include:

  • Walls and floors of basements
  • Cellars


  • Can be used where the substrate does not have the strength to resist stresses caused by water pressure
  • Can accommodate minor movements within the structure
  • Limited surface preparation required
  • Acts as a vapour barrier
  • Can be used to grades 1-3 according to BS 8102:2022
  • Suitable for high water table according to BS 8102:2022

Regular maintenance of the system including pumps is required, therefore the design of the structure should include access for maintenance.

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Sika® CD Anti-Lime Coating


Sika® Wall Membrane


Sika® Cavity Drain Channel


Sika® Jetting Eye


Sika® Floor Membrane


Sika® Sump and Pump Chamber

  • Sika® CD Anti-Lime Coating
    Sika CD Anti-Lime Coating should be applied to all new concrete surfaces to reduce the build-up of free lime within the system.
  • 1. Sika® Wall Membrane
    The wall membrane allows any water ingress to flow down to the perimeter channel. Sika supply a range of wall membranes depending on your requirements.
  • 2. Sika® Cavity Drain Channel
    The Sika® Cavity Drain Wall Channel directs any water ingress to the sump chamber.
  • 3. Sika® Jetting Eye
    Sika® Jetting Eye allows inspection and maintenance of the channel system.
  • 4. Sika® Floor Membrane
    The floor membrane allows water to flow into the perimeter channel. Sika HD20 membrane is typically used for the floor membrane due to its higher void volume and height, which allows for floor tolerance.
  • 5. Sika® Sump and Pump Chamber
    The sump and pump chamber pumps water out of the building. Sika offer a range of sump and pump solutions.
  • Complementary products for joint sealing and waterproofing
  • Membrane Plugs
    The most important part of any membrane system, are the fixings and jointing tapes. These parts of the system are critical and Sika is pleased to announce their systems are covered by BBA accreditation.
    Sika® Plaster Plugs and Brick Plugs are also of the highest quality, and now include the new plugs with seals already attached to speed up installation times.
  • Sika® Jointing Tape
    A high quality butyl double sided tape, 28mm wide. This tape is used in the installation of Sika® Cavity Drain Membranes and is used to tape two sheets of membrane together on walls or floors. Easy to use and very high quality HP600 grade bitumum makes this a long term solution for all membrane work.
  • Sika® Rope
    A 10mm bead of butyl rope. This rope is used to either wrap around the head of plugs in membrane installation, or to form a jointing waterproof seal on walls and floor membrane systems. This is a high quality rope and is covered by our BBA Certificate.
  • Sika® Corner Tape
    Our biggest selling tape, this 150mm wide tape has many uses, but is mostly used to seal membrane from walls to floors and the channel system. Tacky on one side only, this can also be used to overtape external joints and can also be used on floor oversealing.
  • Sika® Overseal Tape
    This is a 75mm overseal tape used to overseal membrane systems, it can be used on walls and floors and forms an overseal detail to form a vapour barrier and waterproof seal on external taped joints. Covered by our BBA Certificate.
  • Sika® Plaster Tape
    Sika® Plaster Tape is used to join plaster membranes together. The unique fibre backing allows for direct plaster or dot-and-dab situations. The fibre also stops any cracking of plaster on these joints.