Introducing Sika® Injection-310; a complete waterproofing injection repair solution

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Stephen Armfield

For those seeking a sustainable, yet reliable waterproofing injection repair, Sika® Injection-310 offers a holistic, durable and cost-effective solution – with low viscosity, little waste and even less fuss.

The polyacrylic, single-component injection resin is created with all the active parts in a single powder-based mixture. Ready for use almost immediately, the all-in-one product only requires mixing with water.

How does Sika® Injection-310 work?

After the addition of water to the Sika® Injection-310, a chemical reaction is activated to form a very low viscosity resin that cures to provide a tough-elastic gel. The injection must be thoroughly mixed for three minutes at a high speed to ensure the product works effectively.

In hotter climates, the gel time can be extended using cold water for activation, whilst in colder weather, hot water should be used to shorten the gel time.

When should Sika® Injection-310 be used?

Sika® Injection-310 can be used to repair leaking cracks, construction joints or movement joints in concrete structures, as well as damaged SikaPlan WP or WT waterproofing membranes in single- and double-layer systems.

The product can also be used to seal construction joints through pre-installed injection hoses, for example, via SikaFuko® System.

The benefits of using the Sika® Injection-310

Sika® Injection-310 is provided as a single component solution. This means it is straightforward to use and is easy to mix compared to other multi-component resins. There is also less packaging waste.

Simple to apply via a one-component pump, Sika® Injection-310 also offers low viscosity (~15 mPa·s (Mixed material +20 °C)) which ultimately requires less energy to be injected into the structure and penetrates further into the structure.

When cured, the injection is insoluble in water and hydrocarbons, maintaining the concrete’s structural integrity. The equipment is also easy to clean thanks to its water-only addition.


  • 1-part, all in one product
  • Activation by just adding water
  • Easy to mix compared to multicomponent resins
  • Easy to apply with 1-component pump
  • Very low viscosity
  • Equipment easy to clean, only water required
  • When cured, insoluble in water and hydrocarbons

To find out more about Sika® Injection-310 or any of Sika’s Waterproofing solutions, email or call 0800 292 2572.

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