Introducing Sika® Injection-190 GB: A sustainable and durable micro-grout for waterproofing concrete

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Stephen Armfield

Sika has created a brand-new product as a solution for the structural grouting of cracks in concrete.

Sika® Injection-190 GB, which launched in February 2021, is a two-part, mineral injection grout, based on micro cement binders with added corrosion inhibitors.

How does Sika® Injection-190 GB work?

Sika® Injection-190 GB is a low viscosity  modified micro cement slurry. It provides final, rigid, cementitious sealing of cracks whilst simultaneously treating and protecting reinforcing steel from corrosion in concrete and mortar.

It can be used in combination with the SikaFuko® system – a range of specially-designed, re-injectable PVC hoses that are used to prevent water ingress through concrete joints. Once mixed the viscosity of Sika® Injection-190 GB is as low as 600 mPas (@20Oc) and will deliver deep penetration of narrow cracks in cementitious structures.

Why choose Sika® Injection-190 GB?

Through Sika’s products, systems and solutions, we strive to create long-term benefits and added value for stakeholders. We aim to significantly reduce resource consumption and the impacts associated with production processes.

Sika® Injection-190 GB is one of the most environmentally-friendly products in our Waterproofing range. This is achieved by UK manufacturing and the use of cement replacement materials.

Because of its composition, Sika® Injection-190 GB is also more resistant to aggressive environments and can be used in more challenging conditions thanks to its durability and resistance to acids and sulphates. Therefore it is ideally suited to applications within sewer tunnels and waste water plants.

The product only requires water to flush out and clean tools, equipment and SikaFuko® hoses, instead of potentially harmful cleaning chemicals.

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