Project Description

The new Dubai University Hospital, located in Dubai Health Care City centre will get part of the new major health centre for life science, education and health care in the Gulf Region. The hospital building, currently under construction, consists of 3-storey basement structure 14m below ground and a superstructure as visible on first page. The lowest point of the raft foundation submerges 11m deep into groundwater.

Project Requirements

The basement of the hospital will contain underground parking, technical rooms and facilities of all kind of services for the supply and commissioning to the hospital. The owner expects therefore absolute dry conditions in the basement. The concrete of foundation and wall structure, exposed to ground shall be protected against harmful influences of salty groundwater. Consequently, the consultant specified a loose laid single ply waterproofing sheet membrane on base of homogeneous PVC-p as external waterproofing.

Sika Solution

The entire single ply waterproofing area consists of Sikaplan® WP 1100 -20HL sheet waterproofing membrane, which is loose laid under raft foundation and at perimeter diaphragm walls. The entire area with installed membrane is divided into compartments to reduce spreading of leak-waters, which might leak through punctured membranes. The compartments are separated with Sika® Waterbar type AR.

Sika® Injectoflex type HPM, re-injectable hose profiles are installed in all construction joints in raft foundations and walls of structure to allow quick repair in case of leaks during service life of structure. The installed membranes are protected against mechanically damage with geotextiles, protective boards and cement mortar screeds.

Detail of Pile Head Penetration

Due to statically reasons, the waterproofing membrane must be penetrated within the heads of foundation piles in raft foundations. The function of waterproofing there is transferred to layer of SikaDur® -42 LP epoxy resin. The Sikaplan® WP 1100-20HL waterproofing membrane is terminated to Sika® Waterbar type AR, cast in concrete and SikaCrete®-114.