Project Description

3500 m² of Suspended Car Park. The Car Park had an asphalt deck that was failing badly, there was no waterproofing membrane under the asphalt, in addition, the asphalt itself was not elastic. With shops below the car park this situation caused costly damage to the stock.

Project Requirements

The top-deck carpark shall be repaired and waterproofed. So old asphalt was taken away, a new fast curing elastic membrane should be applied directly under the new applied asphalt.

Sika Solutions and Advantages

Due to the advantages of the fast curing Sikalastic® primer and membrane, the application work could be proceeded in winter. Furthermore, Sikalastic®-841 ST has good elastic and crack bridging properties which meet the requirements. This Sikalastic® system is fully bonded to the substrate and the asphalt. Sikalastic®-841 is very fast curing and asphalt can be applied immediately following this layer of coating.

System buildup:
Primer: Sika Concrete Primer
Waterproofing Membrane: Sikalastic®-841 ST
Bonding Primer: Sikalastic®-827 LT
Top Coat: Asphalt Concrete