Project Description

In November 2008, the Colombia National Games were to be held in and around the City of Cali. Several of the sports facilities needed repair and refurbishment before the games could go ahead, including the Alberto Galindo and the Pan American Hernando Botero O’Byrne Swimming Centres, both of which had originally been built between 1950 and 1960.

A concrete suface area of approximately 14 500m2 in total was designated for refurbishment by localized repair, overall re-waterproofing and decorative protection.

Project Requirements

Both facilities were showing typical signs of deterioration from wear and tear for their age, therefore they both needed extensive refurbishment prior to the Games. The waterproofing work should also involved concrete repairs to parts of the structure and the application of protective finishes to improve functionality, durability and appearance.

Sika Solution

The project engineers decided to waterproof and improve the appearance of the pools by relining each of them with Sikaplan®-15 PR PVC membrane as it had the following advantages:

  • Guaranteed waterproofing performance
  • Good visual appearance
  • Rapid installation
  • A cost effective and an economic solution

The roof and terrace area needed to be refurbished as well.

Refurbishment Process

A total of five pools were renovated, two Olympic-sized swimming pools, two diving pools and one warm-up pool. The process involved removal of the previous waterproofing and finishing materials which were debonded and cracked in most areas. This was replaced with a Sika®-1 waterproof render, and the Sikaplan® -15 PR mid blue PVC sheet waterproofing membrane was installed on the surface. Light blue Sikaplan® Anti- Slip PVC membrane was then laid around the edges of the pools. In total an area of 5000 m2 of these special Sika swimming pool membranes was installed. In the wet areas around the pools at the Alberto Galindo Centre an additional 2500 m2 of Sikaplan® -8 R waterproofing membrane was installed and overlaid with tiles. Additionally Sikaplan®-12 G CO single-ply roofing membrane was used to waterproof an exposed roof area of 350 m2. The spectator viewing terraces were sealed and waterproofed with Sikafloor®-400N Elastic liquid applied membrane in a grey colour, which also provided a medium duty wearing surface for the pedestrian traffic, on an area of 4500 m2 for the horizontal treads and SikaColor® C acrylic coating in a concrete grey was applied for decorative protection on the vertical risers, an area totalling 2300 m2.