Project Description

The man made Dubawi Island is located at western side of Palm Jumeirah Island in front of Jumeirah Beach, Dubai. The owner, Zabeel Properties plans to build a luxury hotel and villas on this island. This requests the preparation of infrastructures for power- and water-supply, sewer system and telecommunication, which shall be encapsulated into an accessible below ground concrete service trench. The channel structure is a combination of in-situ concrete bottom slab and prefabricated elements with U-shaped to be placed upside-down on prepared slab. Basement Waterproofing of Channel Structure with Sikaplan® Membrane

Project Requirements

The channel concrete structure has to be protected against salt water and against corrosion. An externally placed loose laid single ply waterproofing sheet membrane has been specified as most effective and economical solution. The structure is two meters below the see level and requests a waterproofing.

Sika Solution

The waterproofing area consists of PVC sheet membrane Sikaplan® WP 1100 – 15 HL, which is loose laid under the foundation slab as well as over walls and covers of prefab elements. The entire membrane area is divided into compartments to limit spreading of seepage water in case of leads through punctured membranes. The compartments are separated with Sika® Waterbar type AR below slab and with waterproofing tapes Sika® Dilatec E – 220 at walls and on covers. The end-laps of Sika® Dilatec E – 220 are heat welded on flat side of Waterbar type AR prior to adhesive. The installed membranes are protected against mechanically damage with geotextiles, protective boards and cement mortar screeds.