Project Description

Mantos Blancos Division, located close to Antofagasta, Chile is a copper mining company. At tank TK 4000 repair work where needed due to visible beginning corrosion at the walls, made of carbon steel and light degradation on the concrete base, due to chemical load and water flow.

Project Requirements

The owner of the mine asked Sika to provide a durable solution, which fulfils the following requirements:

  • Watertight structure
  • Chemical protection of the carbon steel and the concrete
  • Short installation time to reduce down time of the production plant
  • Seamless, monolithic coating

Sika Solution

Due to the use of the tank chemicaly might have just attacked the surface to be protected. Therefore a proper surface preparation had to done, the concrete slap has been mechancially prepared by shot blasting to a roughness of CSP 3 according ICRI standard. The carbon steel on the walls has also been shot blasted according SSPC-SP 10 (nearly white metal). The concrete slap has been primed with Sikafloor®-156, for the walls a local available corrosion protection primer has been used. The adhesion between local primer and SL-841 ST has been tested beforehand. The area above water level has been protected with an UV-resistant top coat.

Tank zone: Sikalastic®-841 ST – 3 mm