Project Description

Schwörer House is one of the leading German producers of prefabricated single-family houses. These houses include an in-situ concrete ground slab and prefabricated triple concrete walls. The single-family houses usually have a rectangular shape of about 100 m². The ground slab has a thickness of 25 cm and normally includes normally some pipe penetrations. The walls are prefabricated in the factory.

Project Requirements

The only exposure for the houses is usually percolation water. Offices, leisure rooms and guest rooms are planned in the floors below ground level. These require a completely dry environment. The contractor needed a waterproofing solution that could also be applied in precast factories. In addition, a fast and easy to apply solution is required to save installation time and cost.

Sika Solutions

The new innovative fully bonded waterproofing membrane system SikaProof® A-08 was selected, because of its easy and simple installation and total cost efficiency. SikaProof® A was applied on site to the ground slab (mostly on concrete blinding), as well as in the factory for the precast elements in horizontal formwork. Finally to seal the joints of the precast elements, the well-known and proven Sikadur® Combiflex SG System was applied externally on site after the completed installation of the wall elements.