Project Description

After the opencast mines in the eastern part of Germany were closed, the open pits were flooded with water. So the ground water level rose almost to ground level.

As a result, the basements of the surrounding houses (each approx. 80 m²) gradually became soaked with water. There isn’t an exposure to high water pressure, but there is a constant water ingress.

Project Requirements

Therefore the responsible mining administration LMBV (Lausitzer und Mitteldeutsche Bergbau Verwaltung GmbH) has to seal these basements. The task was to find an easy, simple and secure waterproofing solution that could be applied internally and would be completely dry. The waterproofing solution shouldn’t take up too much space in the small cellars.

Sika Solutions

The new innovative fully bonded waterproofing membrane system SikaProof® A 08 was selected, because of its easy and simple installation and total cost efficiency. The membrane could easily be laid on the existing construction without any preparation work. Finally a new concrete layer of 10 cm was poured as a secondary construction.