Project Description

This private house in a noble quarter of Berlin has a basement that will be used for residential occupation. The ground slab of the basement is around 9.0 m below ground level. Because of the limited small space available, the excavation is executed as pilewall. The basement is a rectangular shape (9.0 × 20.0 m) with a lift shaft. The walls are executed partially as single and also as double faced-formwork. The substrate of the single faced formwork and of the ground slab are an insulation layer that is fixed directly to the pile wall.

Project Requirements

The concrete construction of the basement must be absolutely dry and no moisture transition is permitted, because the underground floors are to be used as a living area. There is a changing water level that requires a flexible membrane solution.

Sika Solutions

The new innovative fully bonded waterproofing membrane system SikaProof® A was selected because of its easy and simple installation and overall cost efficiency. Additionally a waterstop Tricosal® DA 320 was installed in place of the expansion joint in the slab and wall construction.

Project Participants

Owner: Private
Applicator: Tricosal GmbH, Germany
Sika company: Sika Deutschland GmbH

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