Project Description

The Jewel of the Creek project is a construction development for mixed use, such as for private residences, commercials and hotels. It is located right at the Creek in down-town of Dubai. The basement construction includes an area of approximately 125’000 m2 with four storey parking, which covers an area to be waterproofed of approx. 170’000 m2. At least, a canal structure will be constructed across over the entire basement complex.

Project Requirement

The basement structure demands 100% watertightness against the salty ground- and creek water. The investor and consultant are convinced with our proposal of loose laid Sikaplan® WP 1100-20HL sheet waterproofing membranes, combined with the use of Sika Waterbars as with which the entire waterproofing area is compartmentalized. Each compartments are installed with injection ports, which allows injection of sealing resin into compartments in case of leaks at any time during service life.

Sika Solutions

Standard waterproofing details, submitted by Sika representative were used as base to create specific waterproofing details by consultant.