Project Description

Contractors Penenden Heath Developments was selected to install the waterproof system at a four-bedroom property at Darland Farm in Hempstead near Gillingham, Kent. With the waterproof system rapidly and effectively installed, it’s estimated the remainder of the property will be completed by January 2018. Thanks to the proven properties of Sika’s dual watertight solution, the property’s future occupiers can enjoy the comforts of their classically-designed rural retreat safe in the knowledge the structure will retain a robust defence against whatever elements the exposed location provides.

Project Requirements

To meet planning requirements, the two-storey building had to be designed and constructed in order to match the appearance of a farmhouse that stood at the site prior to its demolition. The new building features a retaining wall which needed to be incorporated as part of the dual waterproofing solution.

Sika Solution

To achieve this, Sika® BentoShield® MAX LM was applied to the retaining walls and under floor slabs throughout the 300m2 structure.
Comprising a factory prehydrated, needle-punched and PE flexible membrane, the fully-bonded, self-healing product is ideal for basements and other below-ground structures that are exposed to aggressive ground conditions and stress, or spaces requiring a
completely dry internal environment.

The sealing technology of Sika® BentoShield® MAX LM combines the unique swelling performance of sodium bentonite with high-strength polypropylene geotextiles. It forms a tenacious mechanical bond to freshly-poured concrete to fully-eliminate water tracking. Sika® Watertight Concrete provided extra waterproof protection. Added to the concrete mix as an additive, this integral system is the most widely-used waterproofing solution in the UK due to its inherent buildability, repairability and reduced cost. State-of-the-art Sika admixtures are added to the system to prevent water penetration. The simple and rapid apply Type B system is completed with carefully selected water-stops for construction and movement joints to produce a durable, fully-waterproof structure.

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“The 20-year Sika warranty required the Sika® BentoShield® MAX LM carpet tanking system to be applied throughout the property in order to provide two forms of waterproofing. This might have provided a challenge, but our on-site teams were absolutely delighted at how quickly and easily they were able to install the system. Within four days we were ready to apply the concrete. It meant the building was waterproof within a week.”

Barry Scuffil, Site Manager at Penenden Heath Developments