Project Description

Sika supplied the waterproof solution to eliminate the threat of water ingress at an underground car park which houses a fleet of luxury cars.

Project Requirements

A section of the private car park, situated in Camden, North London, was subject to lateral moisture ingress due to ground water. It was decided to waterproof the affected area to safeguard a number of expensive cars regularly parked in a nearby designated bay.

Sika Solution

Ward Damp-Proofing were selected by contractors Field Day Developments to carry out the waterproofing works. This involved applying a multi-coat cementitious tanking system on a 40m2 parking bay using a solution, comprising Sika®-1 Pre-Bagged Structural Waterproofing and Sikadur®-Combiflex® SG systems.

With refurbishment work starting in September 2017, the bay’s walls, comprising of heavily painted exposed brickwork, were mechanically prepared in readiness for the application of Sika®-1 Pre-Bagged Structural Waterproofing. This superb waterproofing solution ensures specifiers meet the requirements of a project with just one system, and it requires no ongoing maintenance.

A pre-bagged render product, the three-part system features a blend of kiln-dried, specially-graded aggregates and cements, as well as a liquid waterproofing admixture. The admixture is mixed into the render and bonds monolithically to the prepared substrate, blocking all gaps and capillaries to provide an impregnable and invisible seal. This process essentially means the system becomes at one with the structure.

For added waterproofing protection at vulnerable junctions, Sikadur®- Combiflex® SG was applied to all construction joints within the bay. Once applied, the high-performance joint-sealing system allows irregular and high movement in more than one direction, whilst maintaining a high quality seal.

Due to the expertise of Ward Damp-Proofing, and their experience of using the specialised Sika®-1 Pre-Bagged Structural Waterproofing system, the entire parking bay was waterproofing in just one week. It resulted in the car park’s expensive array of cars being safeguarded against the threat of water damage and providing the vehicles’ owners – along with the building’s custodian – with much needed peace of mind.


Project Participants

Waterproofing Contractor: Ward Damp-Proofing

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“The Sika®-1 Pre-Bagged Structural Waterproofing system was ideal for this project; providing a quick to install and long-lasting waterproofing solution that doesn’t need ongoing maintenance or require drainage products or equipment such as water pumps”

Martin Lockwood, General Manager at Ward Damp-Proofing