Project Description

The project “Route de la Part-Dieu” in Bulle (FR) contains two residential buildings with a shared one floor basement and carpark. The basement is about 3.20 m deep with a sloped excavation. The basement layout design is complex (ca. 37 x 56 m, total ca. 1’600 m²), with several corners, lift pits, single foundations and access ramp for cars. The base slab is unusual in its approximentely 40 single foundations, i.e. pits with one or two micro piles in them (size ca. 1.0 x 1.5 m and ca. 0.60 m deep). The substrate for the base slab is a lean concrete blinding. The substrate of the wall sections is a single-faced steal formwork. The installation were executed in different work steps, for the base slab and the wall section.

Project Requirements

There is no permanent water. The maximal water level is about 1.20 m above the base slab. The basement construction, including the storage rooms and the carpark have to be dry and no moisture patches are permitted.

Sika Solutions

Due to the high requirements and the low water level SikaProof® A-12 membrane system was selected because of its high performance and the easy installation. Especially for the various details in the complex design the membrane system SikaProof® A offers approved and simple detail solutions. These can be combined with other Sika Waterproofing products and solutions, resulting in highly secure waterproofing and overall cost efficiency.