Project Description

The Akbati Residance Project in Istanbul included of a approximately 6000 m2 great basement. The construction consists of a base slab with a simple rectangular shape and single faced-formwork wall area.

Project Requirements

The main demand of the customer was to waterproof the hole basement structure with a simple flexible sheet waterproofing system. Further the customer needs a suitable waterproofing solution for vertical single-faced formwork of the walls. SikaProof® A system has been choosen due to its flexibility, mechanical and physical performance and its full bonding. The ease of detailing, speed of application and the high safety in case of a failure, this were the main arguments for the customer to use the fully bonded waterproofing system SikaProof® A.

Sika Solutions

SikaProof® A System:
SikaProof® A 12 – below base slab
SikaProof® A 08 – wall area
Sika® Igolflex®-203 – 2C Liquid Applied Bitumen coating

Project Participants

Owner: Akiş Gayrimenkul Yatırımı A.Ş.
Sika Applicator: Tara Yalıtım & Dizayn
Sika Company: Sika Yapi Kimyasallari A.S.

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