Sika: A world of choice for BBA-certified waterproofing products

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Anthony Smith

Anthony Smith

Widely known as the ‘gold standard’ of product quality, BBA certification from the British Board of Agrément provides peace of mind and reassurance for waterproofing companies, products and systems alike.

Whilst the project requirements will usually dictate whether a Type A, B or C waterproofing system is appropriate, a BBA-certified product will add an independently-verified level of superiority to a job.  Type B (structurally integral protection) is one of the most commonly used methods of waterproofing, as reinforced concrete is often already planned for use in the build before waterproofing is considered; this is where Sika’s watertight concrete systems come into play.

Does Sika have BBA-certified products for watertight concrete systems?

Sika has three admixtures for ready-mixed concrete that work in combination with other Sika waterproofing systems:

  • Sika® Watertight Concrete Powder – a combined water-resisting and high range water-reducing (HRWR)/superplasticising admixture, for use in Sika Watertight Concrete
  • Sika® 1+ – a two-component system compromising a water resisting admixture and a high range water reducing/superplasticising admixture, used to provide watertight concrete
  • Sika® WT-200P – a combined water-resisting and high range water reducing (HRWR)/superplasticising admixture used to provide watertight concrete

What applications are these BBA-certified products suitable for?

Sika® Watertight Concrete Powder, Sika® 1+ and Sika® WT-200P are all suitable for basements, swimming pools, tunnels and culverts.

Why choose Sika for BBA-certified products?

Sika has one of the widest choices of systems and technologies, covering Types A, B and C, as well as manufacturing both hydrophilic and crystalline solutions.

With experienced site technicians and CCSW-certified specification managers, Sika will work with design teams to generate a full specification, provide full site support throughout the job and issue a guarantee following final site inspection.

Sika’s products have been used to waterproof structures since 1910. To find out more about all of its BBA-certified waterproofing products please visit, email or call 0800 292 2572.

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