The Sika®-1 Pre-Bagged Waterproofing System fully protects above and below ground structures from water ingress, eliminating the need for the maintenance of any internal drainage or pumping system associated with some other solutions.

Suitable for virtually any application, the system provides an effective water-tight seal for structures that must keep water out:

  • Basements
  • Underground car parks
  • Swimming pools, water tanks, etc – structures that must retain water

This system can be combined with a range of complementary products for a comprehensive watertight solution. The prebagged waterproofing range consists of a render system for use on walls and overhead and a screed system for use on the floor.


  • Withstand high water pressures
  • Bonds to the substrate
  • Hard wearing surface
  • No ongoing maintenance
  • Follow contours of structures
  • 100 year track record
  • Can be used to achieve Grades 1-3 according BS 8102- 2009
  • Suitable for high water table according to BS 8102-2009